Beyond Sunnyfields is the sixth book The Afterlife Series by Deb McEwan, a well-written story for fans of paranormal fiction. The story features human and supernatural characters. Tony’s daughter, Eva, is given a coveted gift and both angels and demons are drawn by the light radiating from her. Not only is her life in danger when dark forces begin to ensnare her but they want her as a trophy for the lord of darkness. Claire, who has left this mortal life, gets the help of angels to protect her niece. Can Dee Benson and Tony succeed against the evil forces that want Eva?

Beyond Sunnyfields by Deb McEwan is a beautifully written story that explores spiritual warfare and strong themes like the reality of angels and demons, family, death, hell, reincarnation, and the primordial struggle between good and evil. As one reads through the story, it becomes increasingly clear that goodness is rewarded in the afterlife while evil is punished. The characters are well-developed, including Tony’s large German Shepherd, Spike, and I particularly enjoyed how natural the narrative voice sounds. This is a story that will appeal strongly to Christian readers and those who enjoy stories that are well-plotted with relatable characters.

Beyond Sunnyfields is very imaginative and laced with Christian allusions. Both human and spiritual characters are well-written and the relationships are ingeniously explored, allowing the spiritual, physical, and moral conflicts to come across clearly in the story. While there is more telling than showing, I was still pulled in by the solid characters and the focused scenes. It was an enjoyable read for me and I can’t shake off the spiritual atmosphere this book brought to me.

Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

The Devil loves the young and innocent. Tony’s daughter is both.

Eva is a very special child. No one knows just how special until angels and demons are drawn by her light, and Eva and those who love her are in mortal danger.

Claire enlists the help of angels to protect her precious niece. Meanwhile in the physical world enter Dee Benson, chosen for her skills and otherworldly connections.
Will Tony and Dee be able to protect Eva from evils, intent on delivering her to their hellish master?

Beyond Sunnyfields is an action-packed tale of afterlife atrocities causing destruction on earth and beyond. For fans of the supernatural and action and adventure.

“Dark and gruesome in parts, but a real page turner that kept me guessing right to the end. Loved it!” Reading Addict Reviewer