Boydog’s Forever Home

Chapter 4 of Boydog's Story

I had chosen my little corner of heaven. I had chosen my people and they had accepted the fact that they (well some of them) were now dog people. It was now up to me to become a home bod and get rid of the wanderlust mindset I’d developed during my seven months of being alive. This wasn’t as easy as you might think. The smells, the sounds, the excitement that I felt being totally free and unleashed pulled at my heartstrings.

You’ll remember that I found this home easily because there were no gates and fences? This was a double-edged sword and I could come and go as I pleased unless my hosts took drastic action. These humans decided that as I was now theirs, I was not going anywhere fast! The only way to keep me was to tie a rope round my neck, not the perfect solution but until I stopped legging it, the only one. This wasn’t a huge issue because despite this being Cyprus where non-residents think it’s sunshine and sea all year round, it isn’t. The temperamental weather allowed me to be indoors most of the day and night, and walks on a lead were getting longer and more interesting. But something planned before my arrival was going to change that and it wasn’t looking good.

Untie me! I promise I won’t run away (not)

There had been a lot of excitement amongst the humans; I could smell it and feel it. Things came to a climax on the day they produced an assortment of large bags and started filling them with half the house. They kept looking at me with big sorrowful eyes as they murmured sweet, soothing ooohs and aaahhs which made me realise I wasn’t included in whatever they were planning.

What’s all this then?

The next morning, I was taken on a special long walk which should have filled me with all the joys of spring, but there was an underlying sadness in the air and it totally enveloped me. I somehow knew this was going to be my last long walk, my green mile. Back at my home, the car had been filled with the bags and my humans were there shaking their heads. The long rope was attached to my collar and after hugs and kisses off they drove with excited chatter about things like Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building!

The hours passed slowly but eventually some old guy with a walking stick hobbled round and sorted out some food for me then took me around the block. I hardly had time for a piddle! I was pleasantly surprised to be returned to my home and the felines stuck around too so maybe it wasn’t the end of the road for me yet. I was visited several times by the old guy over the next few days and was fed and watered and walked and as the time passed I reflected on my new life and made the decision that if my humans did come back to me, I would be all theirs and they would be all mine and we would all live happily ever after.

It was just an unfortunate lapse of concentration on the part of the old guy, that as my humans were driving home along our road, who would they spy nonchalantly wandering around the village……..