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Rose with Miss Ruby Heart

I recently interviewed one of my author friends, who just happens to be one of the kindest people I know. Here’s what she had to say.

I’m Rose English and I’m a Read-a-holic. I was born in the Yorkshire mining village of Bentley in Doncaster. Brought up on a staple diet of ladybird books and the music and films of the king – Elvis Presley (mum was a mega-fan). We even had our own library in the shed at the bottom of our garden. It was like a mini schoolhouse with an old-fashioned desk and a Calor gas fire.

As a child, the library was like a second home and I would dream of one day writing a book and seeing it upon the shelf. Obviously using a pseudonym as no one can pronounce my real surname I’m Susan S’ari pronounced Shari. It’s Hungarian, sadly I don’t speak the language my dad died in a mining accident when we were little, I was just five years old.

My pen name is Rose English. I had that name in my mind for many years hoping I would be the English Rose on the library shelf. I found a love of writing late in life. I discovered some poetry I had written as a girl and decided to create a gift for my mum – times were hard and money for gifts was almost non-existent so what better than a homemade gift from the heart.

In 2015 I was encouraged to self-publish ‘One Breath’, a short story that won second prize in an online competition. My Indie Author friend Sherri A. Wingler was very supportive and a great mentor. With Sherri’s help and encouragement, the short story and poems became ‘Rainbows and Roses – Poetry and Prose’.

As a massive reader, I devour books across many genres. After discovering a book about the longcase clock and how it became the Grandfather, I created a seasonal short story and entered it into a competition in 2017. I was delighted when my story ‘The Magic of Grandfather Christmas’ won. I changed the title to ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ and have since created three other stories in this series for older readers.

As the years have passed, I feel I’ve found my niche genre as a children’s author creating stories in verse. Most are mainly spin-offs from ‘The Magic of Grandfather Time’ series that features both the clock and a golden red King Charles Spaniel named Miss Ruby Heart. Miss Ruby now has her own social media pages: @MissRubyHeart1 and with the help of the ‘My Talking Pett’ app, (recommended by Deb) she reviews children’s books.

My ‘Young Ebenezer’ series consists of two books. I wrote the first, ‘A New Christmas Carol’ for families to share during the holiday season, or for young competent readers to try for themselves. The second is set at Halloween and Eb and his friends confront the school bully. Book three is a work in progress and is set around spring time with the birth of an unexpected sister for Eb. This book touches on sibling jealousy when a tiny new life enters a family with an older child who has been on his own for a long time.


I also have a passion for folklore and created a children’s book about the Selkie half seal half human. ‘Seal Mother – A Selkie Tale in Verse. (Deb’s favourite).

I’m employed as a key worker for the NHS, and enjoy writing and reading in my spare time. I also love visiting independent shops that sell bespoke or quirky items and if there’s a tea shop with delicious homemade cakes wherever I happen to be visiting on any particular day, chances are you’ll find me in there!

If you’d like to know more or keep up to date with special offers. You can contact me through the links below. Happy Reading.

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