"Get ready for a well-crafted story that tosses and bounces everything around the court...but earns Deb McEwan a trophy for bringing it all home as neatly and interestingly as she does."

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers Favorite – 5 stars.


What happens off court?

Marsha Lawson has no idea what her team-mates do when they’re not playing netball – that’s her first mistake. Taking her eye off the ball is her second.

Using netball as an escape from her miserable home life, she’s desperate to keep the past buried and to forge a brighter future.

But she’s not the only one with secrets.

When two players want revenge, a Tsunami of emotions is released at a tournament, leaving destruction in its wake. As the wave starts spreading throughout the team, can Marsha and the others escape its deadly grasp, or will their emotional baggage pull them under, with devastating consequences for their families and team-mates?

Discover if it’s game on or game over, in this off-court story of friendship, lust, greed, and betrayal.

(This book contains sex scenes and swearing so is not suitable for minors or those who are easily offended.)

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After playing netball for years I thought it was time I wrote a book about it. But this is more about what happens off court than on.

The players who meet regularly to work out, train and compete are like most females who belong to any women’s group: they all want love; their pasts are varied but they share a common interest, in this case, playing netball; and they all have their share of insecurities, strengths and weaknesses. They recognise these traits in each other, but not necessarily in themselves. No surprise there.

But what they don’t know about each other is who is sleeping with who, and what other secrets remain hidden.

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