Beyond Limits by Deb McEwan not only has a fantastic and compelling plot, but the subject matter will also have your mind pondering the 'what if' question long after you have finished reading it. I feel many questions were answered about what happens once we leave our physical body and it is comforting to know that our time on earth is just one of many experiences our souls will have. The twists and turns throughout keep you on the edge of your seat.

The brilliantly created characters are so believable but none are safe from their fate. There are many emotional scenes, especially between Claire and her mother, but the relationship dynamics between the characters are explored with perfection too. There are many sub-plots that are as strong and spellbinding as the main storyline. I thought the author's skill of weaving all the plots together with such ease was enviable. This novel has everything you could possibly wish for; excitement, tension, death, paranormal, reincarnation, exorcisms, and telepathy all wrapped up in an explosive unforgettable plot.

Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

It started when her heart stopped…

In a small Dutch town, why does an evil spirt decide to inflict terror on a new-born orphan?

In the mysterious world beyond, the angel Claire is set important tests by the ultimate committee. But will she risk their wrath by choosing love over duty?

When Tony seeks comfort in the arms of a beautiful stranger, will he ignore his dead sister’s warning and get more than he bargained for?

Who are the four, and will the Director scupper their plans to uncover the real purpose of the covert facility in the Highlands of Scotland?

From Amsterdam, to London, the Scottish Highlands, to Heaven and Hell, discover what happens in Beyond Limits – the supernatural crime adventure that’ll make you laugh, cry, and scream.