“…McEwan’s characters have depth and the conflicts they encounter are authentic and real. There are intriguing shades of gray in the world she’s created.
This is a seriously good book that covers important issues. Friends & Revenge gets the reader involved in the lives of these unlikely soldiers, making it a book you just won’t want to put down.
Unlikely Soldiers, Book 3: Friends & Revenge is most highly recommended.”

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite - 5 stars!


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Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars!
“…In true Deb McEwan style, there is a lot of dark humor in the novel and you will enjoy this book just as much as the others. These characters have developed beautifully and, as always, the dialogues reveal so much about the new characters. Book Three in the series lives up to the bar set by the previous two wonderful novels. It was amazing.”

Imprisoned for the attempted murder of Mouse, KC has to watch his back until a gangland leader takes him under his wing and employs him when he is eventually released.

Serving in West Germany and desperate to be reunited with her husband, Mouse has to deal with an eccentric general, a power-crazed RSM and a junior rank with criminal intentions.

In England Guy is blissfully unaware that his latest investigation will bring him closer to the man who tried to kill his wife, resulting in catastrophe and loss of life.

Elaine is devastated at the consequences when the chain of command discovers her illicit relationship with Jill and is forced to leave her job in Northern Ireland.

Will love and truth conquer all or will the evil actions of a twisted and callous mind triumph?

You’ll laugh and cry at Unlikely Soldiers (Friends and Revenge). A tragic and sometimes humorous tale of Army culture, love, hate, passion and revenge.

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