The Island Expats

The Island Expat series is a series of novellas set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Souvia. They're two-hour crime fiction reads with a touch of romance. The first three will be published in summer 2021. Book 1: New Beginnings: A chance meeting. A Mediterranean island. A dead body. When damaged ex-detective Matt Elliott stops to help a stranger in the drizzly English weather it’s the catalyst for changes in his life he could never have imagined. Elena Lacey accepts Matt’s help and her safe, predictable future is thrown upside down. Neither of them knows what new beginnings are signalled on the beautiful island of Souvia, especially their association with a crime borne out of passion, revenge, and jealousy. New Beginnings is the first novella in The Island Expat series. A two-hour crime fiction read with a touch of romance, set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Souvia. Book 2: Bondu and Beyond Book 3: Family Matters