The Afterlife Series

From Book 1: “A humorous yet thought-provoking idea of the afterlife. This book will have you laughing out loud at one juncture and bring a tear to your eye at the next. If you liked Being Human and enjoy British satire, then you'll love this!” Amazon Reviewer “A really gripping read, couldn't put it down once I started. So many twists and turns. Before I finished I ordered the next two books in the series.” Amazon Reviewer “With so many supernatural tales on the shelves it’s hard to find something genuinely original yet Beyond Death fits the description well, with author Deb McEwan bringing a distinctive new voice to this ever popular genre.” Book Viral DEATH IS JUST THE BEGINNING FOR CLAIRE Claire Sylvester encounters tragedy following the happiest day of her life. As she ponders her ultimate fate, her loved ones are forced to deal with dramas and evil beyond the realms of imagination, and sadistic villains are punished on the road to their own terrifying hell. More than Claire knows depends on her own actions and those of the unlikely partner who accompanied her on her journey. What will be her final destination? And will she get a second chance? Beyond Death - a supernatural thriller about love and loss, death and destruction, with a hint of dark humour. Fans of 'Being Human' enjoy my Afterlife Series which comprises four supernatural thriller books: Book 1: Beyond Death (updated April 2018) Book 2: Beyond Life Book 3: Beyond Destiny Book 4: Beyond Possession Book 5: Beyond Limits Book 6: Beyond Sunnyfields